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Ready, Set, Move!
Ready, Set, Move!

We have been talking A LOT about how Jesus wants to be our friend forever. It is THAT important!

Jesus is a gift for everyone, everywhere. And we want toddlers and preschoolers to know they can move here, there, and everywhere telling people that Jesus, God’s Son, wants to be their friend forever. And when we are friends with Jesus, He helps us love others in the same way He loves us. And that is worth going here, there, and everywhere so that everyone can be with Jesus…forever.

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At FiveStone, one of our core values is to Enrich the Family. We realize that it's hard raising kids in today's world. But we believe that when you combine the LOVE of the home and the LIGHT of the church, together, we can raise up a generation of kids who are passionate followers of Jesus. Our aim is to provide you with tools and resources that will help you "train up your child in the ways of the Lord."

Tate Harrison

Pastor of Kids and Family