How to Share the Gospel

3 Circles Gospel Presentation

As followers of Jesus, we are to live our life in a way that makes those who do not have a relationship with him desire what we have. It is a positive thing to be a lifestyle witness, but many of us have never actually led another person to faith in Christ. Too often, the thought of sharing the Gospel creates fear and causes us to miss out on the blessing of seeing others come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Our enemy keeps us from experiencing one of the greatest joys we will ever know—namely, being used to bring eternal life to others.

There are many ways to share the Gospel effectively, and online training is easily found. Our mission teams have often used “3 Circles,” a simple presentation that can be learned quickly and used almost anywhere. We encourage you to find a Gospel presentation method that fits you and helps you feel comfortable as you share. We also want to help you understand that one of the most effective ways of sharing the Gospel is telling your story. Why? Because it is yours! You have lived it—experienced it—and have demonstrated the change that Jesus made in your life.

Here are three simple points to build upon as you share the Gospel by using your own story—
First, share what your life was like before you came to know Jesus in a personal way. What were some of the struggles and issues that led to your decision to place your faith in Jesus? Be as honest and transparent as you can without glorifying the sin or past experience. What was happening in your life that caused you to be open to the Good News of Jesus?

Second, tell how you came to understand that you had a need to trust in Christ. Was a person instrumental in your decision? The name and particular details of that person are not as important as the fact that God used them to share with you how Jesus could be your Lord and Savior. Explain how Jesus’ death on the cross was payment for all your sins—and the sins of all people everywhere. Share how you simply asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins, how you committed to putting your faith in his finished work on the cross, and how God has given you assurance of your new life in him.

Third, give a brief glimpse into how your life has changed since you trusted in Jesus. Don’t be afraid to be real and share how you may still struggle from time to time. People can see when we are transparent and don’t appear to have all the answers. This will help them if they place their faith in Christ. Explain how God is giving you opportunities to grow in your relationship with him. At this point, it is helpful to ask a very simple question to the person you are witnessing to—say, “do you have a story like this?” If they say yes, ask them to share it with you. If not, follow-up by asking, “would you like to place your faith in Jesus right now and begin a living relationship with him?”

We at FiveStone would love to help you with follow-up or in any other way as you share the Gospel with others. If we can be of any help to you, please let us know.