Our team is passionate about serving the church and the community around us.


Steven Polk

Pastor of Worship and Pastoral Care

Chad Howard

Pastor of Ministry Strategy

Tate Harrison

Pastor of Kids and Family

Steven Savage

Pastor of Students


Nataya Sharp

Financial Assistant

Ministry Leaders

Aaron Akeman

Men's Ministry Leader

Ashley Arnold

Women's Ministry Leader

Church Leadership

Pastoral Advisory Council

Since FiveStone’s beginning in 1964, the church has been Pastor-led and congregationally ruled. Several years ago, our Lead Pastor, Jerry Zucha, was led to form a small group of leaders who would serve in an advisory role to the Lead Pastor. Since that time, the PAC has served a dual purpose for our Senior Leadership Team. The PAC serves first as an advisory group that enables our Pastoral team to benefit from the wisdom and counsel of godly, trusted leaders. This advisory role helps clarify the mission and vision and decisions that must be made regularly. The PAC also works alongside the Senior Leadership Team in an accountability role. The PAC oversees performance evaluations, and in conjunction with FiveStone’s Finance Team, sets the compensation and benefits packages for our leaders.

Current PAC Members

  • Marty Hawkins
  • John Humphrey
  • Bill Patterson
  • Michael Schaerer

In the Bible, the word “deacon” is best understood as “a servant.” Deacons are lead-servants that have met the qualifications as stated in 1 Timothy 3, who have been nominated from the FiveStone Church membership, gone through a selection process, and then are chosen for the position by the Senior Leadership Team and current Deacons. Deacons are given the opportunity to serve in this capacity as long as they desire and continue to meet the Biblical qualifications given in Scripture. The number of Deacons that serve at any given time is in accordance with the church’s needs. Deacons exist to serve the body and fulfill the mandate in Acts 6 of allowing the pastors to be devoted to prayer and the Word.

Current Deacons

  • Aaron Akeman
  • Brian Alcorn
  • Jeff Gresso
  • Randy Guillot
  • Matt Hamilton
  • Marty Hawkins
  • John Humphrey
  • Stephen Matthews
  • Bill Patterson
  • Larry Pletcher
  • Michael Schaerer
  • Sean Stephens
  • Justin Trewitt
  • Charles Weeks