Our Vision

As David faced Goliath, he drew five smooth stones from the waters edge, preparing to take on not only Goliath but also his four brothers. In the same way, at FiveStone we believe God has given us five smooth stones or calls to action, by which we pursue all that He has for us.


As a church, we are called to reach people with the message of Christ in our community, in our nation and throughout the world.

We are committed to having a corporate worship experience that invites His presence—one that is passionate and engaging, and makes a big deal about God and not us.

The Bible is our foundation and we believe it has not lost an ounce of relevance or power to change lives. We endeavor to take the truth of God’s Word and accurately apply it to the time we live in through Bible Study and sound teaching.

We desire to be a church that ministers to all ages, building healthy strong families and ultimately the family of God by creating and fostering a multigenerational experience with opportunities for real connection and mentoring.

We are called to actively live out our faith and express God’s love in our daily lives. We are a body of believers that seek to influence our world through service, supporting our local community, ministering to others and giving a helping hand. We are always finding new ways to make an impact with the love of Christ.