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Losing Your Marbles

It’s been said that children are the church of the future. But we believe children are the church of now. It’s no secret that the time and influence we have with our children, nieces, nephews, or students is finite. In this message, Pastor Tatewill use Biblical principles and practical wisdom to help you make the most of the time you have with the children around you.


Pastor Matt blends biblical foundations with real world applications to show us what a life of worship truly looks like. Worship is more than just a Sunday morning experience, it’s a life experience and nothing is more essential to our walk than understanding what it means to worship the God who created us.


FiveStone is growing and reaching more people than ever before. We have momentum going into the season that is ahead of us and God is doing great things through you and great things through our church. Join us Sunday as Pastor Jerry shares God’s vision for the future of FiveStone.


It is vital that, as the body of Christ, we live in community. Sharing in one another’s triumphs and struggles. In this series, Pastor Jerry shows the Biblical importance of community and speaks about God’s desire for us to “do life together.”

In Christ

It’s truly breathtaking to realize what it means to be in Christ. Once we are in Christ, the life we live is united with his death and resurrection through faith. Join us as we explore the assurances we have when we are truly in Christ.

Summer 6

We want to provide a unique opportunity for FiveStone and our surrounding community to experience teaching from some of the most respected and influential voices in Christianity today. Join us every Sunday for 6 weeks as we hear from uniquely talented leaders from all walks of life who are spreading the Gospel throughout the world.


The Apostle Paul, one of the most influential people in the Christian faith, wrote in his letter to the Philippians “to live is Christ, to die is gain.” What does it mean to die to self? As followers of Jesus Christ we have a mission powered by hope in His resurrection and refined by passion for His calling. Join us this Sunday as we discover what it means to die to self and live through, for, with, and in Jesus.


The Bible is full of scandalous stories. God uses scandalous people to tell the stories of His grace. Can God use you to accomplish His plan for the world? Are you good enough? Does your story even matter? Is your pain and struggling a part of something bigger than yourself? Join us as we uncover four scandalous stories of God’s grace throughout the Bible.

The Struggle Is Real

Faith. Family Issues. Addiction. Loss. Pain. We can’t escape the struggle. We joke about the struggle being real, but what happens when there is nothing left to joke about and you’re still struggling to get through life’s adversity?

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Extra Ordinary Love

Join us as we move towards Easter in this series that takes an in-depth look at God’s extraordinary love for humanity and helps us realize that it is His extraordinary love that daily redeems our brokenness.

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